Thursday, September 20, 2007

just checking in...
i am doing is going great--VERY SLOW THOUGH...which is teaching me a lot--learning to patient and slow down...america is so fast compared to this place...

the kenyans love THE OFFICE...i brought shekinah's glory to them and i feel good about it :)

i do miss my family and friends...i miss little things too--like the team game...and ice in my drinks...and hot showers...but its incredible here...this place is indescribable...i cant even come close to describing the smell here...or what i see eyes are constantly open taking in every ounce of this not really a quiet person (as you all know), but ive done a lot of "silent retreats" since ive been need for words...just glancing at the beauty that is wrapped up in this place...

i walk to work...good exercise and i get to smile at a lot of people along the way...up and down a few muddy/rocky hills--gotten some stares when i smile, but i think ive warmed up some people...even in the rain, its a good time...the guard at work thinks im funny (bwana asifiwe-praise the Lord)

few descriptions of some people i spend a lot of time with:
Dave--host dad, very genuine, talks slower when hes around kenyans, lived in kenya for 4 years with his wife, used to live in other parts of Africa working with Wycliffe
Susan--sweet house help, hums ALL THE TIME (absolutely precious), gets REALLY excited when i come home (sounds like shes out of breath sometimes because shes so excited), hardworker, loyal, new friend
Lilly--golden retriever, ENERGETIC, loveable, might have to buy a bigger carry on to fit her and the kids in...
Caroline--mentor at BTL, very busy woman, quiet, sweet, really impressed with what i do, very busy woman
Florence (FLO)--hilarious, the one im really helping at BTL, attentive to everything i say, new friend, incredible mom, hilarious, the kenyan version of me maybe?
Josiah--he works in the finance department at BTL, really small (like a Tiny Tim), he can't find clothes to fit him so his clothes are always way too big, gets picked on a lot where he lives, my project (i leave him encouraging notes during the week to lift his spirits up), smiles a lot, tiny, comes by my office a lot to check on me.
John Ommani--works in the language dept, friends with Tim Holden, met him 2 years ago when i first came to kenya, amazing man of God, personable, family man
Pascal--servant's heart, faithful, hilarious, a blessing, bodyguard
Harry Potter--Pascal's best friend, funny, great dancer, bodyguard #2
Nyota--one of Pascal's brother, great soccer player, funny, looks up to his brother P
Flo and Tekla--two of Pascal's sisters, full of life, gorgeous, made sure ive felt at home
Melvin--Pascal's nephew, sings Youre Beautiful by James Blunt every time he sees me, precious
Gayle--crazy, absolutely crazy
Kitty--Gayle's sidekick, made me feel really welcome

its absolutely beautiful outside--i think its frisbee and/or picture time in the park...


Callie said...

did I read that right? you are sending encouragement cards??? ; )
Girl, I need your phone number and we need to set up a time when I can call you. I'm DYING to talk to you....

erin marie said...

beautiful, beautiful! my heart feels full just reading about you in africa. oh how I miss you!

lindsay said...

Ok, so Harry Potter, is that his real name b/c that rocks!

And...I forgot to tell you yesterday when we talked about student activities...remind me next time we talk!

christie said...

sweet girl!! thank you for letting me in your world!! I loved you and P's message to me on the phone the other day- i laughed out loud...i can't wait to talk to you more!!!
Ohhh frizbee in the park, im on my way- don't play until i get there;)

loveyou so much and am praying for you, D.